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I think I actually gasped when I saw this photo essay posted on The Selby.

Earlier last fall, I had two absolutely transcendental experiences at Tartine Bakery. Everything about that place made my head spin with happiness and inspiration.

I tried to sample as many treats as I could — including perfect espresso, paper bags stuffed with pastries, tri-fold sandwiches, and delicate salads — and nibbles of everyone else’s cakes and cookies. (Though I was foolish enough not to order that ridiculous-looking croissant, shown above. What is going on with that croissant?? Is that butter?)

Fortunately, the experience didn’t end in San Francisco. I’ve been lucky enough to eat Tartine’s infamous pain levain (shown above) — quite possibly the best $7 you will spend, ever — on two separate occasions in Montreal, courtesy of these two wonderful people and their home baking wizardry (Anthony’s loving essay on the fabled loaf is a must-read). One instance of its consumption was even in my own home — we ate it sliced, slathered with salted butter and served with oysters and caul-wrapped sausages — and its presence at the dinner table was one of the best hostess presents I have ever received.

In any case, the Selby photo essay is the final nail in the coffin — I must own my own copy of Tartine Bread.



[Albert + Gillian Maysles at their home in Harlem, via The Selby]

Gillian, why is maximalism better than minimalism?

Because you can collage everything you ever have been given by all your friends + family + visitors in all your life. It’s not about possessions, it’s about memory + attachments.



In a pretty much perfect pairing of site and subject, The Selby recently posted an intoxicating photo essay about Mast Brothers Chocolate, an American craft chocolate producer based in Brooklyn, NY. I almost fell out of my chair when I scrolled through the photos because I bought their chocolate on my last trip to Brooklyn at a small cheese shop in Williamsburg, as part of an elaborate care package for my boyfriend. Ah, memories. I think I bought a bar of dark chocolate with fleur de sel, and another that was ‘salt and pepper’ flavored, but to be honest, I mostly just loved the pretty wrapping. [All photos via The Selby]