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I love Spanish food, but I just don’t cook its cuisine at home very often. So I was extra excited to help organize a Spanish-themed potluck — I contributed David Tanis’ hearty and elegant Spanish tortilla, pan con tomate, and patatas bravas (all the starchy, carb-y offerings, haha!) — because everyone seriously turned on their A-game. There was aged chorizo made from scratch and fried with apple cider vinegar… a wide pan brimming with a seafood paella… a vegetal black chickpea stew… and Spanish cheeses, nuts, and fruits from Seville. It was a feast! But now I’m left adrift: what now? I realized I have no cookbooks devoted to the region, and I have a feeling I have so much left to learn. Can anyone suggest a good place to start? Any suggestions would be awesome!


Cold winter nights call for desperate measures. One night, at my wits’ end with the icy air, I conjured up a vision of the coziest, body-warming dish I could think of: chicken thigh and leg, first massaged in a quick spice rub of pimentón, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and cumin, then slowly braised in a spicy Spanish tomato-saffron sauce, dotted with tender garlic cloves, thick strips of onion, tiny cubes of diced chorizo, and firm navy beans. With 30 minutes left in the 2 hour-long braise (after a quick sear on the stove and a splash of red wine, the braise went in a 325 degree oven), I added two scrubbed and diced potatoes, which slowly poached in the tomato sauce until fork-tender.

My extreme reluctance to battle the winter elements outside meant that I constructed this dinner from entirely within the confines of my refrigerator and pantry. Not bad.