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Call me saccharine, but I’m totally into the idea of Ladies Night. (I even like calling it ‘Ladies Night.’) I’ve always been more of a girls-girl, and feel happiest when I’m hanging out with my girlfriends. So after a heavy weekend of partying, a light, ladylike meal of chilled rosé, steamed vegetables, garlicky aioli, and a big, crunchy salad with avocado with some super cool ladies was exactly what I needed. Dessert was simple but special — we ate the one souvenir I brought back from Provence, a single bar of nougat from Sanary-sur-mer, sweetened with honey and crunchy with pistachios (my favorite!). That it tasted heavenly was really a bonus — I confess that I bought it for the detailed bee-stung wrapper. (Which now hangs on our refrigerator!)

Le Grand Aioli isn’t just for ladies night… it’s the perfect thing for summer, boys included. (I have a more detailed write-up about this light summer meal here).


Adam and I are back from our stay up north and I have all sorts of rad little mementos of our road trip (mostly food and wine!). I laughed when I realized that my new pretty placemats (handwoven by a grandmother on the south shore) and a big slab of peppered Kamouraska smoked trout are the very same shade of peachy pink. Pink’s my favorite color for a reason — it loves to sneak into my life in every conceivable way.

I bought a huge side of fresh trout, too, which I made for my concert with Katherine on Saturday night. I broiled it with a little olive oil until barely cooked through, and we ate big, flaky pieces topped lemon medallions and stalks of fresh dill alongside heaping sides of roasted asparagus risotto and a crispy chickpea and escarole salad.

The next morning, I tried the smoked trout, which tasted exactly right alongside steamed wild rice, sliced radishes and cucumbers, scallions, and a scrambled egg, all tossed up with a little rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, grated ginger, and tons of sriracha. My new vibe is to try to incorporate fish into as many breakfasts as possible — super delicious and leaves me feeling full forever.


My intense strawberry cravings began last week, thanks to Luxirare, and continued unabated. Then I kept seeing this cake all over the internet — first at Saveur, then at Lottie + Doof, and finally Bon Appetempt — and no longer could I deny its garish, neon pink hue. I had to have it. So I made it for the Dep, added a box of fresh strawberries, and its happy rosy exterior did not disappoint.

the sky was pink


i rarely stay up late enough (or get up early enough) to enjoy a sunrise, but when i do, it’s spectacular. after a long day of summer rain, the night clouds parted and made way for a clear, pink sky. it was surreal & vivid; the photo doesn’t come close to doing it justice.

of course, it made me think of this song.


burst & bloom

in a floaty mood this morning — feeling quite inspired by all things blush, light and sweet… in particular this stunning woman in baby soft pink.







also weirdly inspired by the effortless and melancholy binding of this video to this song. stunning.