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Over at Popcorn Youth, I posted some photos I took at the Sublime Frequencies film screening at Depanneur Le Pick Up. It was a crazy amount of fun + I can’t wait to get Hisham back in Montreal for more film screenings (he had never been to the city before and especially loved — as I thought he would — the Jean-Talon Market, the annual Expozine, the Nouveau Palais, Phonopolis Records, and Primitive Records).

For the event, I baked up a few batches of Moroccan fekkas and coconut ghoribas, which turned out to be a pretty polarizing choice of desserts. People either really liked the biscotti-like, anise-spiked fekkas, or the fluffy, semolina-battered, lime-zested and icing sugar-dusted ghoribas.

Personally, I adored the fekkas. They hold up great for weeks in an air-tight container, and are perfect with green tea in the afternoons or at night.