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COOL FEST begins tonight, and once again I will be cooking two dinners! My theme for the spring equinox chapter of this festival is French peasant food — simplicity, comfort, and a little decadence. A little more information about the party here.

1. Soupe de lentilles et légumes verts avec crème fraîche
Salade de fines herbes
Confit de fenouil avec amandes, raisins secs, safran et coriandre

2. Coq au vin
Céleri-rave + purée de pomme de terre

3. Tartelettes aux fruits

1. Salade de chicorée aux pommes, ricotta maison et noisettes

2. Cassoulet de lapin + tapenade d’olive
Pommes de terres persillées cuites à la vapeur

3. Tartelettes triple chocolat + crème fouettée!!!!


Montreal’s COOL FEST XI is almost here and I couldn’t be more stoked!! This year is extra special for me, because I’m catering the whole festival! It’s going to be insane. I wrote a little break-down of the festival history and this year’s lineup in Foxy Digitalis, which you can read here.

During my ongoing brainstorming sessions for COOL FEAST (get it?), I knew that I wanted the food to be personal, to have meaning, and to be as creative as the incredible artists who are participating in the festival. I decided on the theme Baja Fresh, an homage to the Southern California-style Mexican comfort foods I ate growing up in San Diego. I’ll be making a huge mess of stuff, including ropa vieja tacos with cotija, verde pork posole soup with crema, deconstructed California burritos (you know, the surfer burrito with the french fries in it!), spicy vegetable escabeche, savory stewed beans, and my personal favorite — homemade horchata! Oh yes, the drink of champions. There’ll be other surprises as the menu starts coming together, but I’m really excited to share this information with you guys now.

Cool Fest is all about having a great time at affordable prices, and my food will reflect that, too. I’ll be doing a fun mix-and-match thing, so you can customize what you want, and how much of it you want. So Montreal friends, be cool and come out and play!