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I just can’t believe this is the last Mociun collection ever. Over the years, I’ve amassed quite a few of her pieces, from baggy black silk pants, tight mini dresses, boxy tops, leggings, scarves, bralets… the list goes on. I guess I’m a little addicted. This farewell collection hits all of the right nostalgia notes. (There are also quite a few stunning pieces from her spring collection on sale!)

[All images via Mociun tumblr]

Of course, there are still a million other artists making beautiful work, like Tara-Lynn Morrison’s line, good night, day. I’ve admired her fuzzy knit pieces on the Internet, but over the weekend I had the good fortune of admiring her work up close at POP Montreal’s Puces POP fair. This sweater, in particular, is perfect. Just the right amount of cropping and dip-dying, and so, so soft.

And finally, Jennifer of Ermie has been straight-up blowing my mind with her gorgeous fall collection. Never have I met anyone more on my wavelength when it comes to pattern, texture, and explosions of color. I can’t wait to see the full lookbook! [Image via Ermie blog]


The current sale at Mociun is so tempting, and this versatile topography Mountains dress is the most potent catnip. It’s been discouraging to see Mociun’s prices steadily creep up over the years; I remember when you could scoop one of her dresses for around $200. But the sales are always decent, especially when the fall collections — always my favorite fashion season — get deeply discounted.


I love Una of Portland! Many thanks to Ermie for pointing me in the right direction when I first moved to town early this year. It’s a beautifully edited shop with the most stunning pieces; I particularly love her selection of knits + jewelry. I stocked up on last season’s Mociun, including these gorgeous high-waisted silk crepe pants, which are hard to style due to the killer cutout on the backside but totally badass nonetheless. I rarely go shopping these days except for super cheap thrifting but it felt right to get grown-up pants and I don’t regret the splurge for a second!


Constantly craving chaotic pattern.

Rachel Comey backpack. [Frances May via Refinery29]

Jellyfish tie dye tshirt. [American Apparel]

Steven Alan ikat Keds. [Refinery29; image via For Me For You]

Satara bubble silk dresses. [Satara via For Me For You]

Mociun pillows. [via Lena Corwin]

Provocative and honest post about shopping and commerce and personal style over at Ermie. I often feel quite shallow when I post about fashion and shopping, rather than, say, photos + recipe of a homemade meal I made from scratch.

The lovely Jocund Company posted earlier about the ‘trend’ of young women window shopping and taking photos of clothing that they do not purchase (I definitely do this). She calls it ‘lifestyle promotion.’ Maybe it’s a bit self-involved — I mean, it’s a BLOG after all! — but is it superficial conspicuous consumption, tainted by narcissism and ego? I don’t see it that way.

I don’t think anyone deserves to feel guilty or weird about sharing the things that they genuinely love. I love beautiful things and pattern and design and luxury, and I like sharing those things with the world, too — and I will never apologize for that.


Beautiful afternoon yesterday spent exploring the Laurelhurst area of Portland. A late lunch at Laurelhurst Market, which had a really alluring meat counter on the butcher side that I will be investigating in the near future. Two sandwiches to share: roasted turkey/cheddar/arugula/mustard/red onion/bacon on sourdough and pork shoulder/pickled vegetables/mustard/onion on a kaiser roll. We agreed that the turkey was far superior. The soup was outrageous: leek/carrot/sunchoke, with bits of fatty pork belly like confetti, suspended in gaffa. I plan on recreating it in the next week.

Also finally went to Rad Summer for seriously high-waisted forest green cutoff shorts, a floral romper, and a used Bobb Trimble record, whom I adore. They have hundreds of perfect thrifted summer dresses. I’ll be going there regularly.

THEN, Una. I want to own all of Una. What a beautifully curated and thoughtful shop. I tried on so much stuff but I was definitely in love with this silk-rasta Mociun dress, even though I forgot to clasp the waist fastening, oops. The Khadi & Co. handwoven indigo dyed tops are the epitome of understated luxury. My photo doesn’t do it justice — the indigo color is very saturated and organic. The cut and fit of the dress was quite easygoing…definitely a piece to wear every day in the summer.



Caitlin Mociun’s NYC apartment is a marvel of mostly thrifted clutter, texture and pattern. Sometimes I admire the sleek minimalism or elegant aesthetic of other people’s homes, but it’s never anything I would want for myself. Though I’m not envious of people who loft habitate, this is as close to my personal reality as I’ve seen in a while.

I have a lot of little things and no storage space so I look for things that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing – I think you can take things that are kind of ugly and if they are  displayed the right way or put with the right things they can transcend their ugliness.

Did it go unnoticed to me that Caitlin Mociun is also wearing the Rachel Comey jumpsuit that I’ve opined about before? No, no it did not.

Speaking of which, Rachel Comey’s summer home previously posted about here.

I also dig Jenny Shimizu and Susi Kenna’s apartment posted here.

[Mociun house photos at Design*Sponge via flickr]


After months of longing, I buckled and bought this Mociun outer space top. I try to buy a Mociun piece every season — no one does structured-meets-bizarro better — and her past collection was particularly mesmerizing. Remember the diving moonwalker ladies? It was like Egyptian hieroglyphics high-diving into a mineral blue pool, but I love the idea of wearing a sherbert-colored galaxy on my torso even more.

Into all things celestial — starry — infinite — space. Like…







[Mociun dresses at Una]

Super stoked – I finally ordered a replacement cable for my digital camera so within days I will have  weeks and week’s worth of food photos to share with you all (related: tomorrow is the one month anniversary of my move to Portland, wow).

The extent of my shopping in Portland has been thrifting for $5 rain jackets and $2 bathrobes that I’ve converted into cardigans, but I am told there is some diverse shopping all over the city. As a way to motivate myself to check out the various amazing looking shops in town I created a new category for links – Popcorn Loves Portland.

First on the docket is Una, which not only looks super rad – I heard about it from Jennifer, shortly before I moved – but is located right in my neighborhood! I see this model around town all the time and she is crazy beautiful. The cut of the Rodebjer dress above is astonishingly perfect – couldn’t you imagine a relaxed lady wearing it on her wedding day?


Proenza Schouler’s Fall 2010 RTW show was brilliant in so many ways. (Including, but not limited to, the playing of Excepter during the show itself).  In particular, these pants from the beginning of the show gave me pause. Obviously I adore them. They really reminded me of one of my favorite Mociun textiles ever, from one of my favorite Mociun collections ever, Fall 2008 RTW, called “Naming Ceremony.” You know, THIS print:

I have that first dress, and I wear it regularly to the beach and to weddings. I wear it dancing and I wear it in hotel rooms, and it is VERY short.

But enough about me. The P.S. line was genius, Mociun is genius. In terms of the P.S. show, I covet all of their incredible prints, but mostly I loved the furs. If loving these jewel-colored dyed furs is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. It was the best interpretation of fall wear I’ve seen yet.

The best part of the show, however, were the sheer black thigh highs that revealed an inch or two of skin underneath the pleated minidresses. I am passionately in love (you know how I feel about thigh highs) and will be replicating this insanely sexy look ASAP.

As usual, Kim Gordon attended a bunch of NYFW shows but I thought she looked especially stunning at this show. KIM GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF

[Proenza images via style.com; Mociun images via Mociun and Coutourture]


Take for joy from the palms of my hands

fragments of honey and sunlight,

as the bees of Persephone commanded us.

-Osip Mandelstam

I’ve always had a fascination with hands & palms.

Top: An ancient sketch I unearthed from my days of studio art classes in college. The bottom left palm scares me. 

Top-middle: ‘Meditation hands’ palms pendant by Kathryn Bentley would look perfect on a crimson cord.

Top-lower: Stained fingertips from roasting endless trays of beets last night. As I slipped the tissue-thin skins off the jeweled beets, I thought of Mociun Spring 2009 RTW..

Bottom two: Et voila - Mociun hands.