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90% of the time when I envision the perfect lunch, it is a soup and a sandwich (and a salad, too, ideally). This lunch was a melange of leftovers and very nearly perfect.

THE SOUP. Heated leftovers from an overly ambitious dinner party. I’ve been itching to make a version of this carrot soup ever since I went to Laurelhurst Market and was craving a home rendition of my own. But my made-up version — saffron roasted carrot and potato soup — had a baby food texture that I blame on the unwilling food processor that mostly pushed ingredients around with its flimsy plastic blade rather than pulverizing it into a silky mass.

Anyway: roast 2 lbs of organic carrots and 1/2 lb of red skinned potatoes toasted in olive oil and salt and pepper for an hour in a 400 degree oven. Meanwhile, saute 1 red onion and 5-7 cloves garlic in huge stockpot with lots of butter (optional but worth it) and olive oil. Then, I added the roasted vegetables and lots of aromatics: ginger, tumeric, cumin, garam masala, a few strands of saffron, bay leaves, chili powder, cayenne. And the zest of 2 limes. Anything and everything that enhanced the gorgeous orange hue. Added 6-8 cups water and amazing vegan bullion I found at New Seasons and brought to a boil. I let it simmer for an hour and then, a failed attempt at puree. Meredith and I ended up mashing as finely as we could with some wooden spoons, even though I was really envisioning a creamy puree. Topped with 1/4 cup minced cilantro and parsley and eaten piping hot with crackers or naan.

[Note: we took this on our road trip to Bend and it is even better cold.]

THE SANDWICH. Basically antipasto assembled on toasted baguette: leftover roasted beets, artichokes marinated in lemon juice and olive oil, sliced brie, prosciutto, salami, and mustard. A million flavors, all intense, in every bite.

THE ROSE. Stolen from the sidewalks of Portland. Embarrassed to admit that I just found out the nickname for Portland is ‘City of Roses.’


Beautiful afternoon yesterday spent exploring the Laurelhurst area of Portland. A late lunch at Laurelhurst Market, which had a really alluring meat counter on the butcher side that I will be investigating in the near future. Two sandwiches to share: roasted turkey/cheddar/arugula/mustard/red onion/bacon on sourdough and pork shoulder/pickled vegetables/mustard/onion on a kaiser roll. We agreed that the turkey was far superior. The soup was outrageous: leek/carrot/sunchoke, with bits of fatty pork belly like confetti, suspended in gaffa. I plan on recreating it in the next week.

Also finally went to Rad Summer for seriously high-waisted forest green cutoff shorts, a floral romper, and a used Bobb Trimble record, whom I adore. They have hundreds of perfect thrifted summer dresses. I’ll be going there regularly.

THEN, Una. I want to own all of Una. What a beautifully curated and thoughtful shop. I tried on so much stuff but I was definitely in love with this silk-rasta Mociun dress, even though I forgot to clasp the waist fastening, oops. The Khadi & Co. handwoven indigo dyed tops are the epitome of understated luxury. My photo doesn’t do it justice — the indigo color is very saturated and organic. The cut and fit of the dress was quite easygoing…definitely a piece to wear every day in the summer.