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Man, I love my new camera. It makes Joni look even more adorable than she already is! (Didn’t know this was possible, for her to look even more adorable than she already is).


My time spent home in San Diego was short and sweet.

Now I’m off for a weekend of maid-of-honor duties at the big bridal weekend! Hello, New York Fingerlakes…


I recently “commissioned” my talented and awesome friend Gigi Kaufman to do the first ever portrait of me and Joni. I am so stoked with the results. She really nailed it. I mean, my hair is exactly like that! My friend Alison said it best: “It’s how I imagine you guys would interact if she had opposable thumbs and drank alcohol.”

See more of her work here.


Miss my kitty today. That’s all.


Thanks to this, I really need to roast lamb and drink pinot noir together.

Portland friends, buy all yr wine at Cork.

Reading about wine (and drinking it) is WAY more fun when food enters the picture.

all i ever wanted was to be your spine


>>>i’ve got a magnet in my head,
a magnet in my head.
extra thick, extra long, the way it was wasted.

[eric bachmann]

some velvet morning


i fear that i’m becoming — or have already become — one of those people that is weirdly, disproportionately obsessed with their pets. poor little joni has to be subject to my camera lens pretty much 5-10 times a day. she’s a pretty good sport, though. i love how she hangs out of her bed all willy-nilly, and look how forlorn and beseeching she looks here.


she is one of the most expressive cats i’ve ever met. so wistful — what is she thinking about? chasing mice and birds in grassy expanses, no doubt..


baby’s on fire


oh, sweet little joni. she appears at peace here, so still and at rest. how rare that actually happens!

easy to be around



i was given a lovely sofa this weekend. it makes my living room look bigger, plus it is preposterously gaudy in the way that only grandparent-owned things are. the pink/white rose scheme is just up my alley. little joni already loves to lounge on its comfy expanses. hooray for unexpected presents. xo

tell me joni, am i the one to see you through?


it’s not a secret that i have a thing for my cat. never in my life have i seen a cat use its front legs in the way that joni does. like, splayed all over the place, and usually right in front of her. she’s in her little blue bed here, but she can’t keep her paws in the box. she likes to strrrrretch out and take up as much space as her tiny body will allow.

nom nom nom. xo