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Sweet mail from Sasha — the highlight of my week! I love that girl so much (can you tell?!), it’s hard for me to be away from her for so long. I unpacked two jars of her epic preserves (strawberry + chamomile, plum + cardamom!), and one of her hand-sewn eyes, stuffed with hops, lavender and chamomile. Such a beautiful object, I know I’ll keep it forever. The jam however, forget it. I cracked open the strawberry jam the next morning with Adam, and we downed a third of the jar. We ate huge spoonfuls of its delicious nectar, spread on toasted kamut bread with hazelnut butter. So it’s like, she’s not here, true, but parts of her are here, also, somehow. That’s enough. For now!

Thank you thank you thank you Sasha, for your sweet generosity and thoughtfulness!


Good morning!


File under the “I make healthy food, too” category: Heidi Swanson’s honey-sweetened thumbprint cookies on 101 Cookbooks were the perfect light dessert to bring to a birthday BBQ party. Before I knew it was going to be a party populated mostly by vegans, I just wanted to make something sweet using some of the incredible surplus of jam we had floating around the kitchen. I had decided on linzer cookies (just bought dove and kitten cookie cutters from Jean-Talon) with apricot preserves.

But I settled on these tiny thumbprint cookies instead, which are about a million times easier than linzer dough, anyway, and they came together in about five minutes. I didn’t have any honey, so I used maple syrup instead (haha, Canada!), and I substituted vanilla for 1/2 tsp of cinnamon as well. Unfortunately the texture wasn’t my style — I thought they were painfully dry, save the jam-soaked centers — but the flavor profile was perfect, just a hint of sweetness and spice.