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I may not work at Le Pick Up anymore, but I’m totally one of those annoying regulars that plops down at the best seat at the bar and then hangs out for hours. Literally, hours. I like to chill there all afternoon on my days off, eating potato chips and drinking ginger ale. Like any good diner or burger joint, Depanneur Le Pick Up has a killer secret menu. A tip from me to you: Both their famous pulled porc and the grilled halloum sandwich taste even more delicious as a trio of petite tacos. It’s really a great late afternoon lunch.


Some of my shots from last week’s Rau Rum preview dinner… full details for Le Pick Up’s summer feast here!


I’m so excited to announce the next special event at Le Pick Up, featuring the talented duo behind Rau Rum, an independent and local catering company. We attended a preview event for the dinner last week and the food was totally mindblowing — everything was so incredibly fresh, flavorful, and healthy. I’ve never had Vietnamese food like that in my life! See the full details for the dinner here.


Last month’s depanneur luau was a huge success! Apparently all you need for an awesome Hawaiian-themed luau are ombre drinks, dollar store leis, a killer Martin Denny soundtrack, and dessert with three kinds of dairy in it. Organizing special events at Le Pick Up always make me a little crazy and stressed, but they always end up being so fun and chill — thinking about the night is already giving me the nostalgic fuzzies. Thanks to everyone who came… I overbooked the night (a fundraiser for the Montreal non-profit Head and Hands) by about 20 seats. Oops. Glad everyone was okay with packing in!



Montreal friends, I’m hosting a Hawaiian luau at the Pick Up this Friday, July 20. (Full details here). I’m in charge of the dessert course, and I can’t stop reading about of the amazingly retro South Sea options out there, like “Millionaire’s Pie,” a classic no-bake dessert featuring a charming mixture of Cool Whip, crushed pineapple from a can, and condensed milk. The search for a gorgeous Hawaiian dessert continues…


Last week the CKUT VENUS ladies and I did an off-site broadcast of our weekly show at Depanneur Le Pick Up! We called it VENUS IN TRANSIT, because, obviously.

It was insanely fun. We sold Catherine’s ombre silkscreened tanks, gave away witchy cat stickers, spray-painted Anna’s ‘free pussy riot’ stencil on jean jackets, played food-related songs, and ate veggie burgers with bacon, because we’re contradictory like that. I even baked special ‘Venus in transit’ cupcakes — red velvet with orange buttercream tinted to look like the sun, with a tiny chocolate chip representing Venus (us). They were ridiculous and awesome. (These were the images that inspired me).

You can see the full playlist and download our show here.


Merida knocked it out of the park yet again with her latest installment of Vegan Secret Supper here at Le Pick Up. On the menu were a chilled beet and apple soup (with dehydrated beet chips, yum!), lentil and asparagus empanadas and parsley salad, and a juicy, gemlike rhubarb tart tatin. Merida always leaves me feeling inspired and full of new ideas. Like, it’s hard to imagine pastry without butter — especially one as reliant on it as the flaky, sticky tart tatin — but she did a beautiful job. I always love working her events, too. They’re super fun and chill and relaxed. Not often that vegans in Montreal get such a classy meal!


My VENUS crew at CKUT will be broadcasting live tomorrow from 12-2pm at my home away from home, Depanneur Le Pick Up! We’ll be spinning lots of rad lady jams, eating cupcakes, and selling awesome t-shirts. Montreal friends, stop by and hang out with us! Consider it the perfect soundtrack to your lunch hour.

[Poster by the awesome Nomn Ryn]


Hosting the rad Pork Futures crew was a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of summer here in Montreal. I’ve wanted to work with Andrew and Nick on an event at Le Pick Up for a long time, and for our first collaboration they had the best suggestion: how to build your own smoker. (Out of a wine crate! Genius.) Just in time for summer! It was a fun and relaxing afternoon — both educational and delicious. Who says no to smoked mozzarella, anyway?


The only downside to being in France for the last two weeks was missing a weekend-long event with Brooklyn chef and butcher Berlin Reed at Le Pick Up that I helped organize. And from all reports, it was a gigantic success! (Big thanks to Marc for taking control of this one). I posted a bunch of photos taken by oe of the students from the butchery workshop and the dinner the following night over at the Pick Up blog, if you’d like to take a peek.

And as for our next event… we have a sausage-making workshop with Bartek on Saturday! Yeah, it’s kind of non-stop awesometimes around here.