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[Poster by Joshua Bastien; words by Katherine Kline]

In the spirit of Ostara, at the apex of spring, in celebration of renewal and fertility, and all things related to powerful and creative goddesses, and to new beginnings, and plants busting through soil, and ending hibernation, and drinking in light

My friend Katherine Kline and I present three artists on Saturday, April 14 who bend cosmic circuits and channel good vibes, straight up with no distortion. The concert will be held at the Depanneur Le Pick Up. (Concerts there are very, very cozy and awesome!)

Laura Crapo (aka Laura Borealis): Laura emerged from the creative cocoon of the preeminent era of Halifax rock music, (as photographer/videographer for Eric’s Trip, Thrush Hermit, Superfriendz, Sloan) and has meta-morphed into a solo musician reiki master who makes otherworldly folk music for folks of this world and others. Lovely, haunting.

Rhonda Sweder: Imagine Kate Bush morphing into Leadbelly, and then Diane Cluck and Julie Andrews rewriting the Sound of Music together with Ziggy Stardust playing Von Trapp. Imagine if Lilith Fair was curated by Dorothy Ashby and Kim Gordon! Deep and rich, soaring and evocative, songs for voice and guitar.

Catharine Allan: Catharine is a clairvoyant medium and astrologer, and she also practices healing with sound. Catharine will be playing a solfeggio tuning fork, accompanied by simple sung songs. The vibration of this tuning fork is for love, and repairing DNA.

8$  / Doors at 9:00  + fresh juice for sale, from the bounty of Mother Earth!


Hey Montreal friends!

I’m hosting a concert at Le Pick Up this Saturday, Feb. 11 with Brooklyn guitarist Steve Gunn and Toronto musician Doc Dunn. There’s a great video of Steve here, and it’s even a million times more magical live.

A word about Steve:

Brooklyn guitarist Steve Gunn’s prodigous talent for fusing traditional American song structures with a raga influence is almost criminally unheralded. Gunn’s songcraft is so strong and his playing style so effortlessly beautiful that folks should be shouting his name from every tall building and mountaintop. This native Philadelphian has been a stalwart of the American experimental scene for closing in on a decade. He is known by many for his contributions as one half of the core duo behind GHQ (with Marcia Bassett) as well as for his many other affiliations with underground luminaries such as Tom Carter, the Magik Markers and Marc Orleans.

And another word about Doc:

“Fresh out of the guitar soli school of William Eaton‘s soaking echo, Doc Dunn eschews in a new dawn of steel string reveries. As Dunn wades through the Takoma streams, he permeates the finger-picked tradition with standing waves of lysergic ether, free-basing his way into a tradition too bleak for the soft shores of the Rooted mind. Triplic layers of twang will melt their way through wires and speakers before their murky waters settle inside our distant (ear) drums.” — Weird Canada.

This is going to be a lovely, beautiful night, and I will be making appropriate concert snacks. Please join us! The show begins promptly at 9pm and is all ages.



For all our Montreal friends, a musical announcement...

>>Popcorn Youth presents…



MV+EE [Brattleboro, VT]


Les Momies de Palerme [Montreal]


La Brique / 6545 Durocher #402

9pm doors / 9:30pm start

Sliding scale $8-10

Saturday, August 20 / a night of gorgeous psychedelic folk, heavy drone jams + sudden pop exploration

We are so so excited and honored to welcome Spectre Folk to our city. Spectre Folk is led by Pete Nolan (of GHQ, Magik Markers, and Arbitrary Signs fame) and Peter Meehan (oh and their drummer is Steve Shelley – yes that Steve Shelley – of Sonic Youth!). Earlier this spring they celebrated their latest release, the EP “The Blackest Medicine, Vol. 2,” on Woodsist Records. This is going to be a really special night. PLEASE RSVP to me, natasha.pickowicz AT gmail DOT com to get your name on the guestlist as it is a private event. Thanks + hope to see you there!


And on the Popcorn Youth tip, I have a show coming up with my rad friends MV/EE, so Montreal friends, please come out and support! The flyer started out as a doodle, then I finished it in watercolors in about 20 minutes and called it a day.

This is going to be a killer show!


Thanks to plentiful Oregon varieties — which taste extra spicy and crisp — earlier this year I renewed my love for tiny red radishes, sliced raw into small coins and tossed in salads or scattered over rice. So for lunch one afternoon, I fried two cups of soaked + boiled chickpeas in a few tablespoons of butter, tomato paste and a minced shallot, and finished with cumin, lime juice, garlic, hot sauce, minced parsley and leftover diced golden beets. A friend — who claimed to have a lifelong aversion to chickpeas — said that he actually really loved these. The key is to get the chickpeas crispy in the pan by frying them at medium/high heat, and then deglaze with a little white wine or lime juice to create a sheer sauce. Then they won’t taste mealy or mushy (the worst). I ate my warm chickpeas over a chilled spinach salad dressed with mustard and vinegar and those little kicky radishes.

Happy Friday…. it’s supposed to hit 95 degrees here this weekend! If you’re a Portland reader, please come see Mark McGuire (Emeralds), Tenses (Smegma), and Eye Myths play at WORK/SOUND on Saturday night at 10pm. More information here.

i leave you wanting everything you like best


the utterly selfish aspect of booking concerts is that i only arrange shows for musicians that i personally would want to see. there’s nothing altruistic about the endeavor, other than the happy coincidence of taste overlap within the community.

i can’t imagine a better example of this than bringing the magik markers to ithaca – a fiercely smart duo that would probably never visit our town otherwise, given ithaca’s prediliction to boring rock and well-treaded jam idioms. this show – friday, june 26 – is my quintessential breath of fresh air. not to mention the industrial metallic clank and creak of mouthus and the free improv weightlessness of american sphinx creating the veritable bill of the summer.  fuck, i’m excited.

sudden oak claims ithaca


so so, summer begins & shows are underway. tomorrow, the first of three shows in the month of june. thursday at the state of the art gallery – a lovely, intimate and open  space – a popcorn youth show. come early for snacks, come at 8pm for music, stay until 11pm to catch the love story [keir neuringer], american sphinx, swanox, and sudden oak. san francisco palm tree vibes meets german komische psych rock. $5 for this veritable buffet of music. [popcorn youth]