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When I was at Lawrence, I was the go-to person for staff birthday treats. I’d figure out everyone’s birthday, then I’d secretly investigate what their favorite birthday sweet was. We’d wrap up dinner service and be done cleaning around midnight or 1am, then I’d surprise the birthday boy or girl with a big platter of warm chocolate chips cookies or a teetering Queen Elizabeth cake.

So when my friend and Marlow colleague James asked me to bake a cake for his girlfriend’s birthday, I happily obliged. Special occasion cakes are a challenging niche unto themselves, but James had only two requirements: that it be super chocolatey, and that it incorporate the visage of a cat. (!!!!) I hope I did his vision justice.


What could be better than knowing people in the world who make you feel exactly like this, so drawn into messy pastel colors and contented knowing smiles.

Happy spring.

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I think I first saw this epic cake on Serious Eats a few years ago but anything to remind us of its beauty. [Via Joanna Goddard via Jordan Ferney]