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i leave you wanting everything you like best


the utterly selfish aspect of booking concerts is that i only arrange shows for musicians that i personally would want to see. there’s nothing altruistic about the endeavor, other than the happy coincidence of taste overlap within the community.

i can’t imagine a better example of this than bringing the magik markers to ithaca – a fiercely smart duo that would probably never visit our town otherwise, given ithaca’s prediliction to boring rock and well-treaded jam idioms. this show – friday, june 26 – is my quintessential breath of fresh air. not to mention the industrial metallic clank and creak of mouthus and the free improv weightlessness of american sphinx creating the veritable bill of the summer.  fuck, i’m excited.

a curse on the coast


i always get a little bit sad when a show ends and the musicians move on to their next destination.


is it post-partum depression for the music promoter?


either way, you kind of just don’t want the night to end.


heavy keyboard drones made me want to clutch my stomach in happiness


and west coast blown-out psych fuzz that was so mind-meltingly loud i regretted the absence of earplugs.


post-show shenanigans with ‘would you rather’ & red wine until 3am. it all resulted in quite the killer evening.


i mean, who can say good-bye to these boys.

sudden oak claims ithaca


so so, summer begins & shows are underway. tomorrow, the first of three shows in the month of june. thursday at the state of the art gallery – a lovely, intimate and open  space – a popcorn youth show. come early for snacks, come at 8pm for music, stay until 11pm to catch the love story [keir neuringer], american sphinx, swanox, and sudden oak. san francisco palm tree vibes meets german komische psych rock. $5 for this veritable buffet of music. [popcorn youth]