I’ve been curating experimental music concerts under the name Popcorn Youth since 2008. I have organized events in Ithaca, NY, San Diego, CA, Portland, OR. Musicians have traveled from Finland, Germany, England, Spain, New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Baltimore to perform at Popcorn Youth shows. Eclecticism of venues is a must; private homes, rock clubs, concert halls and record stores have all housed a Popcorn Youth lineup. If you are interested in working together, please get in touch with me at natasha.pickowicz AT gmail.com.

Past Popcorn Youth programming has included:

Dreamcatcher [October 2011, Toronto]
Xela, High Aura’d, Corridors, Le Revelateur [October 2011, Montreal]
Spectre Folk, MV&EE [August 2011, Montreal]
ISA CHRIST, Stone Baby, Fossils [Sound & Season, July 2011, Ithaca]
Mandelbrot & Skyy, Drainolith, Southgate Airlines [June 2011, Montreal]
MV&EE, Framboos [May 2011, Montreal]
Sublime Frequencies Film Screening with Hisham Mayet [November 2010, Montreal]
Mark McGuire,
Smegma, Eye Myths, Spencer Clark [August 2010, Portland]
Zaimph, Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, Riververb [February 2010, San Diego]
Chris Seeds, Marc Orlean, David Lerner [December 2009, Ithaca]
Diane Cluck, Ben Miller, Autumn in Halifax [Ithaca 2009]
MV&EE, Richie Stearns, Andrew Paine, High Aura’d [Ithaca 2009]
Blues Control, American Sphinx, Expo ’70, Brian! [Ithaca 2009]
Heavy Winged, Crush the Junta, Jarek Miller/Jason Zorn duo [October 2009, Ithaca]

Other Popcorn Youth shows have included:

Slither + Evenings + NPV + American Sphinx
Tom Carter + Cyrus Gengras + American Sphinx
Michael Chapman + Jack Rose + Michael Hansen + Ascension
Usurper + Nackt Insecten + Prehistoric Blackout
John Wiese + Ryan Jewell / Zac Davis duo + Tumul + The Bloody Noes
Blues Control + Aura + American Sphinx + Tyler Rodkey
Avarus + Ducktails, Zaimph + Jenny Graf Bibulah + Stone Baby
Ryan Jewell + Kimonophonic
Neptune + Sky Juice + Vodka Soap + Eskimo King + The Settlers
The Skaters + Dolphins into the Future + Monopoly Child Star Searchers + Zac Davis (Skyjuice) + Pacific Rat Temple Band
Mouthus + Axolotl

Beach Fuzz + American Sphinx + Cyrus Gengras
Weirding Module + Trigal + Osman Balkan/Jarek Miller duo
Ducktails + U.S. Girl + Kurt Vile + Gary War + Teengirl Fantasy
Awesome Color + American Sphinx + Ladderlegs
Shooting Spires + Daniel Francis Doyle + Twin Powers + Caution Children + Glad Rags
Windy & Carl + Benoit Pioulard + Lambs Laughter + Chris Knight
Mountains + Hank Roberts + Why the Wires
Sudden Oak + Swanox + American Sphinx + Keir Neuringer
Tom Carter + Steve Gunn + Shawn David McMillen
Magik Markers + Mouthus + American Sphinx
Metalux + Bill Nace + Amen Dunes
Caboladies + Stone Baby + American Sphinx
Normal Love + Orbiting Art Ensemble
Fyoelk + Eats Tapes + No Radio Productions
Eli Keszler + Ashley Paul + American Sphinx
Sick Llama + Cotton Museum + Jarek/Jason duo
Mountains + Duane Pitre + Desolation Wilderness + Tzar + Keir Neuringer’s Other People

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