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I wrote about my talented friend and pastry chef Camilla Wynne, who is the mastermind behind Preservation Society, for the Montreal Mirror’s annual Noisemakers issue. If you haven’t had her preserves yet, now is the time to stock up. Adam scored a big jar of her pina colada jam, and it is outrageously good on a piece of stollen. It’s like the two were meant to be together.

Read the full story here. (Photo by Will Lew)


God, even the mall food court offerings are fucking delicious. Great tonkatsu in under three minutes, what could be bad about that.

The reason for my mall adventure? I only get my hair cut about once a year, ever since I moved from Ithaca and waved bye-bye to the best stylist ever, aka my bestie Meredith. (I’m also very lazy). So I figured why not take the haircut plunge in HK? And boy do they know how to cut hair in Hong Kong!

A  really cute guy shampooed my hair twice (!) and conditioned for about 25 minutes total, so I think it was the longest shampoo I’ve ever received in the history of shampoos. It was exquisite. Then another equally cute guy (every stylist in this salon was a guy?) took over and cut my hair like a sexy wizard, while trying to convince me to get a new-school “perm,” which is all the rage in Hong Kong. (No, not this kind of perm). Basically, super pretty girls perm their hair to have that permanent “messy-wavy” look, and the effect is really subtle and actually very pretty. He tested it out on me with a curling iron and I love the soft look but ultimately it’s just too beauty queen for my taste. That’s the thing about my hair, even when I get six inches lopped off, it still manages to appear insane.

(Photos of my last traumatic haircut for comparison, here).


There are some really beautiful photos over at the Acquired Taste magazine blog right now. I love this photo essay about Montreal (and with some nice depictions of Depanneur Le Pick Up, no less!) I have an article coming out in the next issue about my friend Sasha’s gorgeous, rejuvenating food. I can’t wait to see it!


Guess I can check this one off my bucket list. Successfully interviewed, met, and took a photo with R. Stevie Moore. Surreal. Thank you to POP Montreal and Maisonneuve Magazine for making this happen. The festival has been incredible so far, so much great energy and wonderful people.


After getting an inside tip that Sasha was considering growing out her bangs (my two cents: don’t, they’re so awesome!), I’ve started thinking about mine. I’ve had heavy bangs for six or seven years now, and feel terrified about growing them out. (They’re like a safety blanket for your face!) But now that Sasha’s put the bug in my brain, I’m considering it. Should I go for it? Eeek…


Montreal Gazette photographer John Kenney was kind enough to send me a bunch of outtakes from our ramps photoshoot. Man, if only the photo editor had chosen to run a photo of my actual face (the photo that ran is of me, almost completely obscured by my giant nest of black hair, great). But after seeing the quality of these photos — not to mention Jennifer’s new camera and gorgeous new pics — I am pretty much convinced that I, too, need to upgrade to a REAL camera. Any suggestions?


I recently “commissioned” my talented and awesome friend Gigi Kaufman to do the first ever portrait of me and Joni. I am so stoked with the results. She really nailed it. I mean, my hair is exactly like that! My friend Alison said it best: “It’s how I imagine you guys would interact if she had opposable thumbs and drank alcohol.”

See more of her work here.


Some of you have been curious to know a little bit more about a necklace that pops up in my photos from time to time…

The necklace is an original piece by Himo Martin, artist and jeweler behind the Montreal-based line Pearls Before Swine. Himo is a wonderful friend of mine, and the piece is one of a kind, and cast from a real-life onion ring! (Long story). I never wear rings, so this necklace was still able to incorporate both the ‘ring’ theme as well as my love of the beloved crunchy deep-fried snack. The onion ring even has a small nibble taken out of it.

I was completely blown away when I was given this — it’s hard to convey in a few blurry photos just how much detail and care was put into this piece. The rich oxidized silver has grown more matte and complex in the six months since it was made. It ages with me.

His non-commissioned work is available at the boutique Reborn in Old Montreal…

I would highly recommend Pearls Before Swine for any commissioned ideas you have — I’ve seen his casts of tiny animal hearts, delicate olive branches from Morocco, human baby teeth, leather spurs, and dirt-encrusted nails and studs unearthed from the countryside dirt. He has the most amazing, unusual eye for  forgotten details, textures and finishes. I’m honored to own one of his pieces.


Me with my family back in my mom’s Cal Arts days. Although I look quite different now, my mother, 20 years later, looks exactly the same.


[Albert + Gillian Maysles at their home in Harlem, via The Selby]

Gillian, why is maximalism better than minimalism?

Because you can collage everything you ever have been given by all your friends + family + visitors in all your life. It’s not about possessions, it’s about memory + attachments.