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Montreal pals! If you’ve ever been curious about 1) sustainable farming 2) basics of butchery or 3) making your own bacon, then boy do we have a workshop for you. Brooklyn’s The Ethical Butcher will be traveling to Montreal for a special workshop and BBQ at Le Pick Up detailing the awesome processes behind hog butchery.

Email me if you’d like to register! ( It’s going to be a night to remember. More info here.


With thoughts of summer forefront in my mind, I put together a few programs over at Le Pick Up for the month of May that I’m super excited about. All of them have something in common: pork!

There’s a ‘basics of butchery’ class on May 12, led by Brooklyn’s The Ethical Butcher (we’ll break down an entire pig!), followed by a BBQ the following day; a ‘build your own smoker’ class on May 19, led by the duo behind Pork Futures; and a reprise of our highly successful sausage-making workshop, led by Le Pick Up favorite Bartek Komorowski.

For more information, hit up the Dep’s website! If you came to all three classes, could you imagine how well prepared you would be for the summer BBQ season?!


[Poster by Joshua Bastien; words by Katherine Kline]

In the spirit of Ostara, at the apex of spring, in celebration of renewal and fertility, and all things related to powerful and creative goddesses, and to new beginnings, and plants busting through soil, and ending hibernation, and drinking in light

My friend Katherine Kline and I present three artists on Saturday, April 14 who bend cosmic circuits and channel good vibes, straight up with no distortion. The concert will be held at the Depanneur Le Pick Up. (Concerts there are very, very cozy and awesome!)

Laura Crapo (aka Laura Borealis): Laura emerged from the creative cocoon of the preeminent era of Halifax rock music, (as photographer/videographer for Eric’s Trip, Thrush Hermit, Superfriendz, Sloan) and has meta-morphed into a solo musician reiki master who makes otherworldly folk music for folks of this world and others. Lovely, haunting.

Rhonda Sweder: Imagine Kate Bush morphing into Leadbelly, and then Diane Cluck and Julie Andrews rewriting the Sound of Music together with Ziggy Stardust playing Von Trapp. Imagine if Lilith Fair was curated by Dorothy Ashby and Kim Gordon! Deep and rich, soaring and evocative, songs for voice and guitar.

Catharine Allan: Catharine is a clairvoyant medium and astrologer, and she also practices healing with sound. Catharine will be playing a solfeggio tuning fork, accompanied by simple sung songs. The vibration of this tuning fork is for love, and repairing DNA.

8$  / Doors at 9:00  + fresh juice for sale, from the bounty of Mother Earth!


COOL FEST begins tonight, and once again I will be cooking two dinners! My theme for the spring equinox chapter of this festival is French peasant food — simplicity, comfort, and a little decadence. A little more information about the party here.

1. Soupe de lentilles et légumes verts avec crème fraîche
Salade de fines herbes
Confit de fenouil avec amandes, raisins secs, safran et coriandre

2. Coq au vin
Céleri-rave + purée de pomme de terre

3. Tartelettes aux fruits

1. Salade de chicorée aux pommes, ricotta maison et noisettes

2. Cassoulet de lapin + tapenade d’olive
Pommes de terres persillées cuites à la vapeur

3. Tartelettes triple chocolat + crème fouettée!!!!


Hey Montreal-Toronto-New York friends, I have some happy news — I will be providing food again for this year’s spring equinox edition of COOL FEST. The festival is going to be really, really amazing — Fat Worm of Error, Crude Hill, Dirty Beaches, Isa Christ, not to mention all of the beyond-rad local bands that are playing, too. Hope to see some of you there this weekend!

(Photos from last year’s COOL FEST here!)



[Fried rice-style barley, chickpeas, sesame oil, green beans, shallots, soy sauce]

[Red leaf lettuce + pine nuts + walnuts + manchego + sunflower oil + apple cider vinegar]

[Baby penne + spinach + swiss chard + canned tomatoes + garlic + harissa + navy beans + olive oil]

Lunch has been so simple lately, just lots of same-ish combinations as I comb through the sad-looking contents of the fridge. I’m really on the edge of my seat, waiting for spring — I can’t stop daydreaming about fresh peas, lettuce, fava beans, spring onions, garlic, and asparagus!!!!

Also, I have a fun announcement for Montreal readers: We’re hosting a fermentation workshop at Le Pick Up on March 27. All of the information for registration can be found here. (There’ll be a tutorial on how to make yogurt!)


[Photo by Marie-France Coallier]

After 10 days of blogging, a week’s worth of recipe testing, and a million interviews later, my Montréal en lumière coverage for the Montreal Gazette is finally over!

My frenzy of reporting ended with this nice article featuring chef-contributed recipes. I have always been a little intimidated by chef-written recipes (so many steps! so many small parts! so many coulis!), and these are no joke. With the exception of Seattle chef Ethan Stowell’s kale and pancetta-stuffed roast quail (which I made for a dinner party the other night — huge hit!), these recipes are pretty advanced. (The last recipe, contributed by Belgian chef Alex Malaise requires egg scissors, gelatin leaf, whipped-cream dispenser, and nitrous oxide cartridges! Hahahahaah-no). But still, it’s really amazing to see how a chef’s mind works, how they conceive of “steps” in a recipe, how a dish goes from empty plate to a work of art. Even if you wouldn’t make these recipes for yourself, they’re fascinating to read — a peek into the mind of some of the world’s most interesting chefs.

Read the full story here.


Today it was just me at the VENUS desk. Listen to the show, archived here (Enter the name of the show, Venus, and click on the stream for the program on Thursday, Feb. 23)!


e.s.g – purely physical (2006)

excepter – the last dance (2008)
miracles club – light of love (2011)
enon – daughter in the house of fools (2003)
these are powers – anything above nothing (2006)
eats tapes – knightress (2004)
la vampires – make me over (2010)
erase errata – marathon (2001)
cocteau twins – shallow then halo (1982)
siouxsie and the banshees – cities of dust (1986)
inca ore – shine on from the heaven above (2009)
kate bush – oh to be in love (1978)
we like cats – meow hear me roar (2010)
paavoharju – valo tihkuu kaiken lapi (2005)
peaking lights – hey sparrow (2011)
christina carter – dream long (2007)
sibylle baier – i lost something in the hills (1970-1973)
double leopards – druid spectre (2003)
stellar om source – ocean chain letters (2009?)
mia farrow – lullaby from rosemary’s baby (1968)
orphan fairytale – happy go lucky (2009)
blonde redhead – symphony of tremble (1997)
sonic youth feat. lydia lunch – death valley ’69 (1985)
ut – safe burning (1989)


Just a quick announcement to say that I have been blogging the Montréal en Lumière festival for the Montreal Gazette! Meeting all the Seattle chefs and Oregon state winemakers has made me miss the Pacific Northwest like something crazy. Posts thus far:

Chatting with Seattle chef Matthew Dillon

Crazy good eating with Matthew Dillon

Gala night with Seattle chef Jason Wilson and Long Shadow wines

And so many more in the pipe! Follow along here.


[Photo by Vincenzo D'Alto]

I have two new stories in Vermont’s Burlington Free Press this week, including a piece about which restaurants to visit in Montreal. I had a blast working on this story — who doesn’t love compiling a good list? — and I even collaborated with one my favorite photographers in the city, Vincenzo D’Alto (he freelances for the Gazette, too, and he shot my pizza story!).

I did wonder if I should include more obscure and unusual choices for restaurants, ones not necessarily known to the traveling public and tourists.

(The restaurants that would have made this list? La Salle À Manger, Nora Gray, Le Chien Fumant, SAT’s Foodlab, Pho Hay To, Jane, La Carreta, Bottega, Chez Apo, Le Petit Alep, Restaurant XO, Abu Elias, Cheskies, Europea, oh I could go on and on… and the story didn’t get into where I like to buy wine, tea, coffee, and groceries. Man.)

But I wanted to go with my personal favorites, the classics, restaurants that have yet to let me down, the restaurants that have always made me happy and full.

I have a second story, if you’re curious, about winter activities in the city. I secretly wrote this in the hopes that it just might compel friends who live nearby (you know who you are) to make a visit to the Great White North — I’m telling you, it’s a surprisingly fun place in the winter!(I even include a roast beef and hockey dinner date at Magnan. Come on. What could get more Quebecois than that? Read the full story here.