Q&A at les anti-modernes*

The year is racing to a close and I’m definitely wishing that I had devoted more time to this space, which is feeling more than a little neglected, but, you know… I moved from Montreal to New York! I left Lawrence and joined Marlow & Sons! I’m still throwing dinner parties on the regular! And so on. Most importantly, I have spent the last five months feeling totally blown away by how welcoming, inclusive and friendly New York has been to me. What was I so worried about?

Sophie, of the inspiring and completely essential blog les anti-modernes, featured me earlier this fall as a part of her fascinating Q&A series. How cool to be included in such a terrific group of inspiring, smart, creative, and fun women. And I’m grateful that I was given such a lovely opportunity to reflect about my evolving relationship with pastry, fashion, Montreal, and my new home, Brooklyn. You can read the entire thing here! Thank you, Sophie!

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