Now that I’ve been in New York — and my cozy Bushwick apartment — for nearly five (!!) months, I’m getting a pretty good handle on all of the quirks of our kitchen. There are so many advantages to my new space that I know I will never take for granted: the space is huge, the biggest I’ve ever had, and our dinner table even bigger (it seats 10 comfortably!). But then, the drawbacks: our oven is about 1/3 the size of a normal household oven… seriously. Just a single pie or roast chicken leaves little room for anything else, so all of my oven work happens in shifts. It’s awkward, but luckily I have friends who really know how to go with the flow. And bottles of wine really fill in the gaps between courses!

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  1. This is a dumb question from someone who ADORES your blog. Do you get your friends to chip in for costs and/or bring some ingredients with them? Or do you get everything and try to keep costs low? I ask because i love hosting dinner parties but I’m a grad student (no $$) and so sometimes I feel I am constantly running all over town getting this and that, and…well, it’s expensive!

    (Please never stop…this is one of my favourite places on the internet.)

    • hey lena! no, that is an amazing question, it makes me want to address it in a future posts. yes, i TOTALLY feel comfortable ask my friends to chip in, whether it’s contributing $20 for overall food costs, bringing a nice bottle or two of wine, or even a dish to share. we’re all broke cooks and artists, we understand how impossible it would be to pay for everything yourself, so everyone is always happy to lend a hand. i would never be able to do it on my own!

      i’ve thrown some pretty decadent dinner parties (lots of $$$$ wine, fancy ingredients like truffles or lobster or steaks) and the only way i’ve been able to make it happen is to ask my guests in advance if they want to chip in just to help me cover initial costs. as for running all over town — find one amazing spot where you can buy EVERYTHING you need. in my case, it’s the butcher shop/grocery store marlow & daughters, where i’m able to get meat, seafood, vegetables, cheese, butter, fruits, bread etc. no running around required!

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