(But really, when is a pie-related announcement not extremely important??)

Our pastry crew at Marlow & Sons is making special Thanksgiving pies for people to order and take home! Don’t let yourself be limited to just a Thanksgiving soiree… I can imagine bringing one of these bad boys to a Friday night dinner party or casual potluck and blowing everyone’s mind. I could also imagine how lovely this would be stashed in someone’s fridge, ready to become your morning snack alongside hot black coffee. (Just how we do it in the pastry kitchen! We literally call this ritual “the pastry chef’s breakfast.”)

This year, we’re offering heirloom pumpkin pie, rye pecan, and apple tarte tatin! I’ve been busting my butt the last few weeks making pounds of puff pastry and brisee, and it’s all going towards the mighty holiday pie. There’s nothing quite like the holiday baking season that gets a pastry lady stoked for the sugary chaos!



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