Pan con tomate is my latest favorite breakfast (i.e., it has temporarily replaced avocado toast). It’s delicious and fast. I halve a big chunk of baguette (right now I love with the tender kamut specimens at Joe la Croûte) and drizzle it with lots of good olive oil, then lightly toast in the oven until golden. While it’s still hot, I rub the toasts with peeled and cut garlic cloves and then quickly grate a halved tomato on a box grater, until pink, thickly covered, and wet. I imagine that this would be a million times better in the summer, when tomatoes are plump and bursting with sweet flavor, but it’s still so, so good. Finish with lots of salt, pepper, and, in some mornings, a filet or two or anchovy. Yum! Perfect accompaniment with a poached egg, wilted greens, and some coffee. Does anyone else make this for breakfast?

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