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I probably should have posted this earlier in the week, but tonight is the last night that you can order our one-year-aged (!) Christmas pudding at Lawrence. The pudding has a special place in my heart because it’s one of the first things I learned how to make when I first came to the restaurant. This iconic English pudding is creamy, dense, sticky and super flavorful — it’s packed with all kinds of dried fruit, citrus peel, beef suet, clarified butter, breadcrumbs, brandy, spices, and so much else. As a final flourish, we serve it with heavy cream, brandy butter, and then light the whole thing on fire. It’s so dramatic and old school!

To double up on the holiday spirit, we’re also serving whole roast goose with all the trimmings. It’s gorgeous. We’re fully in the spirit!

[Photo by Martin Chamberland. For the full recipe, visit La Presse for their article on our pudding!]


Everyone’s doing a gift guide, so why not join in? Here, lots of ideas for the awesome babe in your life….

+For cat lovers only.

+An educational skirt.

+I already own two of Debbie Carlos’ insane halftone-printed posters, but this one — of jellyfish! — is my new favorite.

+Silk blouses at Steven Alan. (Sale this weekend, too!)

+This French press makes me want to throw mine out.

+Chez Panisse Menus — inspiration to flip through.

+A rainbow of lockets. (I’d put in tiny photos of pizza.)

+Pretty sure we can all agree that having the complete DVD set of one of the best TV shows of all time would make a sweet present.

+Everyone is wearing vintage Coach right now! Why not join in?

+You need a calendar for the new year. Both of these are so beautiful.

+A thick stack of records from Phonopolis. A nice end of year list from 2012 to inspire your purchases, here. (Some of my favorite albums this year were hip-hop: I’d go with a themed collection including Kendrick Lamar, Death Grips, Killer Mike, and Frank Ocean.)

+Stocking stuffers to make you thirsty.

+Super beautiful and graphic tableware.

+Now THAT’S a dress! That color could inspire poetry. Oh Sonia, you never get it wrong.

+A practical tote for lugging your stuff to work.

+Less practical, but pure awesome, and so cuddly.

+Classic sneakers that everyone should own.

+A spendy item, but these are stunning shades.

+Advance tickets to see Heart play the Bell Centre in March. Because you think ahead.

+A set of David Tanis’ two remarkable cookbooks. We own both and they are indispensable.

+An Amtrak gift card, for spontaneous weekend trips.

+A copper pot for making perfect jam. (A girl can dream, right?)


Pan con tomate is my latest favorite breakfast (i.e., it has temporarily replaced avocado toast). It’s delicious and fast. I halve a big chunk of baguette (right now I love with the tender kamut specimens at Joe la Croûte) and drizzle it with lots of good olive oil, then lightly toast in the oven until golden. While it’s still hot, I rub the toasts with peeled and cut garlic cloves and then quickly grate a halved tomato on a box grater, until pink, thickly covered, and wet. I imagine that this would be a million times better in the summer, when tomatoes are plump and bursting with sweet flavor, but it’s still so, so good. Finish with lots of salt, pepper, and, in some mornings, a filet or two or anchovy. Yum! Perfect accompaniment with a poached egg, wilted greens, and some coffee. Does anyone else make this for breakfast?


Thanksgiving feast #3: perhaps the most spectacular of them all. So spectacular, in fact, that I completely neglected to take any photos of the delicious, abundant spread, which included pale pink mashed potatoes, roasted romanesco cauliflower, seared brussels sprouts, a faintly sweet, crunchy stuffing made with dried cherries, pecans, and cranberries, and massive magnums of wine provided by two of the most knowledgeable wine folks in the city, Theo and Etheylia. Naturally, you’d never expect anything less from a culinary duo as capable and passionate as Michelle and Anthony. I did remember to whip out my camera at the start of the awe-inspiring dessert course, when Michelle modestly unveiled a perfect pumpkin pie and a moist, boozy bourbon-drenched pound cake. Adam swooned, then asked for a thick slice to take home with him. They complied, of course — Thanksgiving is all about generosity, and these two are the very embodiment of perfect home entertaining.