I think I finally figured out my dream breakfast formula: Two eggs (here, fried), dark greens (here, lightly wilted spinach), fat sprinkle of herbs (here, dill and scallions), smoked fish (here, Kamouraska trout), a little toast (I tried giving it up, but I just can’t do it!), freshly squeezed juice (here, super-sweet tangerines), hot tea (I usually reach for Darjeeling), followed by two espressos, short and strong, and with a little maple syrup. Maybe this seems a little elaborate, but between the two us, we can whip it all up in about 15 minutes, and it makes me feel really healthy, satisfied, and strong.

What’s your dream breakfast?

6 Responses to DREAM BREAKFAST

  1. So nice to meet you and Adam the other night! Thanks for the wonderful food and company. I keep thinking about that salad. We watched the Bourdain youtube clip… awesome.

  2. Hey I was just listening to this talk by Doug from Yoga Records about new age music. I think it was a SXSW thing. Pretty cool lecture. Not many women mentioned though!

    • woah amazing. thanks for this link, listening now! i thought of another new age songstress that i wanted to mention to you…. kay gardner! was always a big fan of hers too. along with pauline anna strom and constance demby, it’s like the holy trinity of lady new age. : ) (and possibly lisa gerrard too!)

  3. Nice call on Kay Gardner! Who else is there… Laura Allan “Reflections”? Emerald Web , Laurie Spiegel, Suzanne Ciani…

    • ADORE laurie spiegel and suzanne ciani, though i never really considered them ‘new age’ exactly… will have to check out the other 2! this list is really shaping up….

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