Even though I’m dating a serious wine lover, I still don’t know all that much about wine. I definitely know what I like — Gamay, Cabernet Franc, and Pinor Noir are my favorite grapes, and I’ll never turn down a glass of Lambrusco — but beyond that, I’m wine clueless. Adam belongs to a few Montreal tasting groups meant for the seriously informed wine drinker, but there aren’t many options for the true beginner, like myself and a lot of our friends.

So I was super excited when Adam decided to start an old-world wine club for beginners! (Only French, German, Hungarian, Austrian and Italian wines, folks!) He curated the wine selection — 15 bottles! — and paired each with an appropriate snack, like goat cheese, bread studded with hazelnuts and raisins, tiny pork sausages, boiled beets, and even brownies. At first we were super serious about the pours — we even used a scale to measure out equal amounts — but as the night went on, everyone just helped themselves.

It was so fun! If you’re into wine, you should think about starting a tasting group with your booziest friends. (Idea for Americans: A Kermit Lynch tasting group!) There are lots of great resources out there, including blogs and rad private importers, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

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  1. why are you so far away?! so wish i could have been there, i seriously need a lesson!

  2. Hello,

    I find the idea very cool. Will you organize other events such as this one for beginners?

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