I finally had Dan and Julia over so I could give little Jojo the silk pink vest I bought for her in Hong Kong! (Doesn’t she look adorable?) To celebrate the occasion I made a kid-friendly supper, which included Ethan Stowell’s roast quail stuffed with kale, sage, breadcrumbs and pancetta (we told Jojo it was chicken), roasted carrots and purple potatoes, and a big arugula salad with roasted beets, seared fennel, toasted sesame seeds, walnuts, and shaved Pecorino. And Julia’s perfect brownies to end the evening!

In Ethan’s recipe, you’re supposed to truss up the quails using a combination of string and foil, but I was in a rush and forgot — which explains why the quails look so lewd, with their legs splayed wide open! It was still delicious — the roasting meat seasons and moistens the kale tucked inside the cavity, so everything comes together perfectly seasoned and juicy. Plus, you get to eat with your hands. Kid-friendly, indeed!

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  1. Hee hee. They look like they’re doing pilates. The recipe sounds SO good!

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