[Photo by Marie-France Coallier]

After 10 days of blogging, a week’s worth of recipe testing, and a million interviews later, my Montréal en lumière coverage for the Montreal Gazette is finally over!

My frenzy of reporting ended with this nice article featuring chef-contributed recipes. I have always been a little intimidated by chef-written recipes (so many steps! so many small parts! so many coulis!), and these are no joke. With the exception of Seattle chef Ethan Stowell’s kale and pancetta-stuffed roast quail (which I made for a dinner party the other night — huge hit!), these recipes are pretty advanced. (The last recipe, contributed by Belgian chef Alex Malaise requires egg scissors, gelatin leaf, whipped-cream dispenser, and nitrous oxide cartridges! Hahahahaah-no). But still, it’s really amazing to see how a chef’s mind works, how they conceive of “steps” in a recipe, how a dish goes from empty plate to a work of art. Even if you wouldn’t make these recipes for yourself, they’re fascinating to read — a peek into the mind of some of the world’s most interesting chefs.

Read the full story here.

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