[Photo by Vincenzo D'Alto]

I have two new stories in Vermont’s Burlington Free Press this week, including a piece about which restaurants to visit in Montreal. I had a blast working on this story — who doesn’t love compiling a good list? — and I even collaborated with one my favorite photographers in the city, Vincenzo D’Alto (he freelances for the Gazette, too, and he shot my pizza story!).

I did wonder if I should include more obscure and unusual choices for restaurants, ones not necessarily known to the traveling public and tourists.

(The restaurants that would have made this list? La Salle À Manger, Nora Gray, Le Chien Fumant, SAT’s Foodlab, Pho Hay To, Jane, La Carreta, Bottega, Chez Apo, Le Petit Alep, Restaurant XO, Abu Elias, Cheskies, Europea, oh I could go on and on… and the story didn’t get into where I like to buy wine, tea, coffee, and groceries. Man.)

But I wanted to go with my personal favorites, the classics, restaurants that have yet to let me down, the restaurants that have always made me happy and full.

I have a second story, if you’re curious, about winter activities in the city. I secretly wrote this in the hopes that it just might compel friends who live nearby (you know who you are) to make a visit to the Great White North — I’m telling you, it’s a surprisingly fun place in the winter!(I even include a roast beef and hockey dinner date at Magnan. Come on. What could get more Quebecois than that? Read the full story here.

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