After weeks of waiting, my glorious A.P.C. quilt has finally arrived!! My bedding situation is a little chaotic (mismatched pillows, mismatched sheets, two thin airplane blankets, one duvet, one blanket purchased in Bali, and my quilt) (and no, I don’t turn on the heat in my bedroom), but the quilt pulls everything together. The quilt is super thick and warm and heavy, really amazing quality. Very substantial. Since I am missing the craftsy gene, I hope that this adopted heirloom will keep me company throughout my entire life.

The “curtain” is actually a beautiful piece of fabric my mom gave me for Christmas. She wanted me to make a top or dress with the material (she actually suggested I give the fabric to Jennifer — my mom is a huge fan!), but as a curtain I get to enjoy its beauty every single day. It’s slightly sheer, really heavyweight silk, so it filters sunlight as this gorgeous aquamarine color. It makes me feel like I live in the ocean. I’ll try to get better pics of it soon.

But really: thanks to Joyce for the original heads up.


  1. the quilt looks great!! so glad you managed to snag one.

  2. That quilt looks lovely. And a curtain that makes you feel like you live in the ocean? Sounds great to me!

  3. Nice quilt! Personally, I think chaotic beds = cozy beds. :)

  4. Thanks Natasha. So sweet of you & your mom.

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