God, even the mall food court offerings are fucking delicious. Great tonkatsu in under three minutes, what could be bad about that.

The reason for my mall adventure? I only get my hair cut about once a year, ever since I moved from Ithaca and waved bye-bye to the best stylist ever, aka my bestie Meredith. (I’m also very lazy). So I figured why not take the haircut plunge in HK? And boy do they know how to cut hair in Hong Kong!

A  really cute guy shampooed my hair twice (!) and conditioned for about 25 minutes total, so I think it was the longest shampoo I’ve ever received in the history of shampoos. It was exquisite. Then another equally cute guy (every stylist in this salon was a guy?) took over and cut my hair like a sexy wizard, while trying to convince me to get a new-school “perm,” which is all the rage in Hong Kong. (No, not this kind of perm). Basically, super pretty girls perm their hair to have that permanent “messy-wavy” look, and the effect is really subtle and actually very pretty. He tested it out on me with a curling iron and I love the soft look but ultimately it’s just too beauty queen for my taste. That’s the thing about my hair, even when I get six inches lopped off, it still manages to appear insane.

(Photos of my last traumatic haircut for comparison, here).

7 Responses to TONKATSU BLISS

  1. Your hair is beautiful! I love getting my hair done in Asia, too. Also, that tonkatsu looks delicious. Eating in HK is the best. :]

    • yes! the stylist made a good point too, which is that i should only get my hair done in asian salons, which makes sense, because they’ll ‘understand’ my hair (texture/thickness) best. i am so picky with hair stylists which made it extra surreal that he understood my hair right away!

  2. Gorgeous you.
    Loving your travel posts. Happy Holidays Natasha!

    • happy holidays to you too!!! wish i was home for the holidays though – there’s nothing like christmas in california. : )

    • : ) your post wondering about yr hair reminded me that i had to attend to mine! (PS don’t dye your hair, it is the prettiest, best color)

  3. I have some catching up to do! I have not had the time to read your blog in a while and holy crap I miss you. I love you lady! Xo

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