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After 6 years of being semi-blind with my woefully outdated glasses, I finally bought new ones. I have rested my poor eyes, saved them from the domination of contact lenses, and worn them all day for 3 days in a row. Vision revived!

Last night was a full moon (btw the first full moon of the calendar year is called a ‘wolf moon’) so yesterday aftertoon I scavenged for shells and pebbles at the beach, where the tides were so low that all of the hidden tide pools – and their secrets within - were exposed. It was insane.

The low tides exposed about 200 extra feet of beach.

Dream house.

This starfish was tenaciously gripping these rocks with its tiny suckers. This was HARD to lift up. The combined weight of the rocks must have been double that of the starfish! Why do startfish do that??? It’s like holding on to a teddy bear, or sucking your thumb. Safety. 

Can you believe that smiling rock? I am in love.

These rocks reminded me of brownies, the kind that get cream cheese swirled into the chocolate at the end. The holes in the rocks are like how I obsessively stick toothpicks into the brownies to see if they are done or not.


WHUT! I totally own this scarf. Looks beautiful on her, and against all those nubby textures, and that Richard Serra, wow. At least I think it’s Richard Serra, correct me if I’m wrong. [Image via the Streetwalker]

[Photo by Benoit Pioulard] Of course, I look a million times sloppier. This blog is amazing though. The latest post is the perfect combination of saturated hues, red and blues, and muted neutrals, olive and brown. Constantly on a search for lace-ups as perfect as these…


Funny literalism by Christoph Niemann. See other leaf mischief at the Abstract City Blog, like the Swiss Army Tree, the pizza slice tree, and, ahem, Faux Fir.


Sigh. The United Bamboo skirt that I was obsessed with has a sister, and she is the color of emeralds and has pockets. I am deeply in love. Would like to wear it with this Vena Cava faux fur, so ‘In the Mood For Love’ - smoky, rich jewel tones and unbelievable texture.

By the way, on the official ‘In the Mood For Love’ website, Wong Kar-Wai lists “Maggie’s Meals When She Eats Alone.”

Breakfast Rice in Broth
Pickled Squash
Preserved Vegetable, Beans, Dried Tofu and Sliced Red Chillies
Preserved Egg (or Salted Egg)
Dinner Preserved Vegetable, Beans, Dried Tofu and Sliced Red Chillies Noodles

Maggie’s meals for her home (Winter)

1. Cloud-ear and Pig Knuckle Soup
2. Salted Pork with Dried Tofu
3. Sea Cucumber and Shrimp Roe
4. Stir-fried Napa Cabbage, Shredded Pork and Rice Cakes


Maggie’s meals for her home (Summer)

1. Winter Melon and Duck Soup
2. Stir-fried Shanghai Cabbage and Shredded Pork with Sliced Red Chillies
3. Stir-fried Eggplants
4. Fried Pancakes with Red Bean Paste

1. Noodles in Oil with Meat 
2. Parboiled Shrimps
3. Steamed Fermented Tofu
4. Preserved Vegetable, Beans, Dried Tofu and Sliced Red Chillies

1. Meatballs (with Bakchoi)
2. Yellow Squash
3. Steamed Fish
4. Tofu with crab flakes

Maggie’s snacks for her home (Summer)

1. Dumplings in Soup
2. Wine preserved dumplings
3. Date Soup
4. Fried Shanghai Bun


Maggie’s fruits for her home (Summer)

1. Melons
2. Peaches
3. Pears
4. Plums


Maggie’s snacks for her home (Winter)

1. Sweet glutinous rice

There are so many things about this that I love. The fastidiousness and simplicity of how she eats; the beautiful orderliness of this list; the utter sensuality of food.


I recently wrote about the work of Brooklyn sculptor Tara Donovan over at Popcorn Youth. I plan on checking out the show in the next week or so and hope to return soon with a full report. I adore her undulating, utterly alive work. It works both on a microscopic and an aerial level; it could be both cellular impressions and outer space geographies. Photos of her work via Ace Gallery, but I hope to return with my own set of impressions soon!

More info and images at Popcorn Youth.


I woke up the other morning inexplicably ravenous. My lunch was extreme: a gigantic salad with falafel and kale; leftover potatoes I made the night before (parboiled and then fried in a cast iron skillet with butter, cumin, smoked paprika and herbs de provence, until they were golden brown and mouthwatering); leftover guacamole from the night before; and three beverages (water, tangerine juice, coffee).

I roasted a chicken last night and it was a divine, decadent success. More on that soon.

Reading AL Kennedy ‘Paradise.’ Darkly hilarious and deeply revelatory.

I also heard that Nicole Holofcener has a new film out this year! I watched ‘Friends With Money’ on the Lifetime Movie Network (aka LMN) with my mom the other day and was reminded how I like her female anti-heroes aka normal people. As far as Hollywood treacle goes, it’s pretty great. I love how Holofcener says she never gets ‘tired of looking at her face,’ when speaking of muse Catherine Keener.

“My good friends are women and they are used to me raping their lives… Everyone thinks they recognize themselves, but people often think it’s them when it’s not.”


I made black bean soup from scratch the other day. I soaked organic black beans overnight and simmered them the next evening for hours, with fresh bay, tomatoes, water, onion, limes, cherry tomatoes and cumin. It was the best black bean soup I’ve ever had, and so simple to make.

Kept lunch simple with falafel, romaine and shredded chicken. My friends always like to point out that my nails are in a perpetual state of chipped-ness. I guess they were right.

Leftover beans went into tacos the next night, alongside roasted vegetables and a weird slaw that I made from these bitter greens we bought on a whim at the Farmer’s Market.  I wish I had asked what they were. They were sort of spindly, kind of pointy, almost sharp, and very bitter, but when dressed with a little lime and oil, super tasty.

I roasted bundles of red carrots from the farmer’s market with one potato, and made guacamole, too. The vegetables went in a hot 400 degree oven and I added 1 cup of broth from the black bean soup halfway through. They absorb all the liquid and cook perfectly. I can’t get over all this affordable citrus in January. It just doesn’t feel right! But I’m not complaining.



I like how in 2009, red lips and quirky braids became synonymous with pretty and trendy. Francesca DiMiattio looks awesome. What a sweet Valentine’s Day look. Too bad her Rauschenberg-esque collage art is so mehhhh. [Photo via Refinery29]


I’ve had a wonderful week so far. For dinner, penne with tomato sauce from scratch and broccoli from the farmer’s market. Also from the farmer’s market: the red leaf lettuce and cherry tomatoes, dressed with a lime vinaigrette and toasted walnuts. The ribbons of chard were leftovers from the farmer’s market. More on that in a minute.

Ever since I bought 5lbs of blood oranges, I’ve been eating them like crazy. Can’t let them go bad!!

Ate lunch outside with Jones on our warm deck. We brought home vegan Kenyan food from the farmer’s market: black eyed peas with cilantro oil and lime; swiss chard and scallions; quinoa; sauteed, smoky portabello mushrooms. A gigantic takeaway contained, enough to feed 5, was $10. I really love eating outside in the warm sun. Everything tastes better, fresher, more alive.

Very expensive knick knacks at the market. There were stones on sale from the Finger Lakes area! Abalone shells were $85. He had an arrowhead necklace for$700. WTF. There was a beautiful turquoise bracelet for around $100. I’d rather just buy vegetables at a farmer’s market, thanks.

Beets! Next week I’m going back for the golden beets and doing some serious pickling action.

Love the pink Ikea stool. Wanna steal it from my mom. Happy Wednesday! XO


In a pretty much perfect pairing of site and subject, The Selby recently posted an intoxicating photo essay about Mast Brothers Chocolate, an American craft chocolate producer based in Brooklyn, NY. I almost fell out of my chair when I scrolled through the photos because I bought their chocolate on my last trip to Brooklyn at a small cheese shop in Williamsburg, as part of an elaborate care package for my boyfriend. Ah, memories. I think I bought a bar of dark chocolate with fleur de sel, and another that was ‘salt and pepper’ flavored, but to be honest, I mostly just loved the pretty wrapping. [All photos via The Selby]