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get to the table on time


the weather was typically fickle this weekend — rainy friday, sunny saturday and sunday, rainy sunday night. luckily i took advantage of the sun while it was around to enjoy a relaxed dinner outside. the verdant thicket of weeds and shrub formed a natural wall behind the grill – frances hodgson burnett’s secret garden for steaks?


despite the hostess being adamantly vegetarian, she graciously allowed for a couple of wicked steaks to sizzle away on the grill.


but the obvious highlights of this early summer feast was the grilled corn that tasted so sweet it could have been served as dessert. vegan burgers cobbled together from legumes , onion and red peppers were incredible on a baguette with goat cheese, arugula, and tomato. not to mention the grilled zucchini spears and eggplant disks, or the raw broccoli salad with cranberries, sunflower seeds and red cabbage that was lightly dressed with my new favorite salad dressing: vegan poppyseed. served on simple paper plates and bookended by nibblings of locally grown strawberries, it was the archetypical summer banquet.


i wish i could dine al fresco in MY backyard every night. alas, i can’t even figure out how to get on my roof. good thing i have so many wonderful friends with a little outdoor sprawl. ;)


in my own dream


another fantastic show. more photos to come. really enjoying this little image drag city records made for my show. whoop whoop!

seven hundred little records, all rock, rhythm and jazz


ah, summer. there are many things i love about you, but grilling is one of the best. a quick trip to wegman’s resulted in the spontaneous purchase of fresh salmon fillets, a handful of zucchini & heirloom tomatoes, two overripe avocados on sale, and a french whole wheat batard.

after a quick marinade made of limes, garlic, cilantro, red pepper flakes and olive oil, the salmon was ready for the grill (the tempeh got the same marinade treatment, too). i cooked mine about 8 minutes each side on moderate heat. the grill i used was small (and unreliable), and therefore my advice is no good for you. the zucchini was sliced lengthwise and was doused with the juice of a lemon, salt, pepper, cumin and a bit of olive oil. after throwing those on the grill, i mopped up the leftover juices with the bread, and threw that on the grill, too. the lemon gave the bread a nice tang.


see how small the grill was? i had to cook in batches, which meant that i had eaten nearly half the plate of zucchini before the salmon was done. whoops.


oh yeah! i made guacamole, too. from scratch, because that’s the ONLY way to enjoy guacamole. despite the slight overripeness of the avocados, this turned out spectacularly. 2 avocados + the juice of 1 lime + 1/2 finely diced red onion + red pepper flakes + 1/2 cup packed finely minced cilantro = pure, unadulterated heaven. i like my guac chunky, so all this really needed was some light mashing & mixed with a regular ol’ fork. if you like a smoother consistency, throw it in the food processor and pulse.

i could eat this stuff with a spoon, straight-up, somewhat like my gluttonous peanut butter jar tactics. the guac was excellent on the salmon, but it’s nice to let it shine on its own with some unsalted blue corn tortilla chips.

have a lovely friday, all! xo

is my heart a drum of water


not much to say today. mostly in awe of the furious thunderstorm outside of my window, and patiently waiting it out before braving the walk home.


clouds that hang in the sky like a gauzy blanket, their dappled beauty a veritable william turner painting.


other days, they occasionally part & reveal like gaps in a lace blouse.


and after 9pm and heavy rains, clouds shuffle home and leave indigo streaks in their wake.

dedicated to john updike


only a day away. squee!

massage the history


i could spend hours upon hours at the old, cavernous antique barn located on rt 96. it’s about halfway to trumansburg from town, if you’re counting. it’s sort of like a higher-end junk shop, and in a gigantic warehouse.


every spare inch of space is covered with stuff, bric-a-brac, crap, whatever. it’s a sensory overload. if the completist in you is interested in old periodicals, this is the place.


it’s a little on the pricey side, but there are some deals to be found. particularly if you’re into fur coats and/or cast iron cookware. i happen to be into both.


the jewels were particularly overwhelming in selection and scope – so much beauty to choose from. (full disclosure: i am addicted to costume jewelry.)


i was thisclose to buying this fur cap. with the army jacket i was channeling my inner soviet. na zdorovia!!

the sky was pink


i rarely stay up late enough (or get up early enough) to enjoy a sunrise, but when i do, it’s spectacular. after a long day of summer rain, the night clouds parted and made way for a clear, pink sky. it was surreal & vivid; the photo doesn’t come close to doing it justice.

of course, it made me think of this song.


i leave you wanting everything you like best


the utterly selfish aspect of booking concerts is that i only arrange shows for musicians that i personally would want to see. there’s nothing altruistic about the endeavor, other than the happy coincidence of taste overlap within the community.

i can’t imagine a better example of this than bringing the magik markers to ithaca – a fiercely smart duo that would probably never visit our town otherwise, given ithaca’s prediliction to boring rock and well-treaded jam idioms. this show – friday, june 26 – is my quintessential breath of fresh air. not to mention the industrial metallic clank and creak of mouthus and the free improv weightlessness of american sphinx creating the veritable bill of the summer.  fuck, i’m excited.

your hair upon the pillow like a sleepy golden storm


my hair is getting out of hand (as if it wasn’t already). i don’t even bother trying to take a brush to it, wearing it down is only possible if tamed by two braids pinned back, ren faire style. i feel like i’m getting weird manson family vibes from my current look, yikes. post-wedding comedown – a lovely, big happy party in a backyard with pig on a spit & kegs & bluegrass on the deck.

hailin from the edge






last sunday – when we actually had sunshine during the weekend, quelle surprise – i spent all afternoon at first dam, in awe of the rushing water & deafening roar of the gorge. abandoned hydroelectric plants from the late 19th century cling to the walls of almost every gorge in ithaca – while some are still operational (including most near the cornell campus) this one is most definitely not. my dream house, this is it.