Monthly Archives: May 2009

total trash




urban outfitters is currently selling something that is dubiously titled the “daydream nation necklace.” aside from the fact that it is hideous, i wonder how the sonics would feel about this…  [UO]

baby’s on fire


oh, sweet little joni. she appears at peace here, so still and at rest. how rare that actually happens!

kemosabe, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it


you know when things are so idiotic they become sort of epic in their stupidity? this is that, and i love it anyway.

yesterday & today


the same fellow who gave me the sofa also baked me chocolate chip cookies last night. specks of walnuts and extra dark chocolate, just how i like it. these were pillowy yet dense straight out of the oven and left rings of grease on the paper towels as we set them out to dry.

and it feels like walking on rusty nails





sascha ring, aka apparat, not only makes some of my favorite music ever but happens to have a face i always want to look at, and a voice that i could listen all night long.  once again, kicking myself for not organizing my ish to be at MUTEK this year. soon. [all photos via myspace]

easy to be around



i was given a lovely sofa this weekend. it makes my living room look bigger, plus it is preposterously gaudy in the way that only grandparent-owned things are. the pink/white rose scheme is just up my alley. little joni already loves to lounge on its comfy expanses. hooray for unexpected presents. xo

out of control on videotape




This is one for the good days
And I have it all here
In red blue green
Red blue green

the naive shaman







loving neil krug’s gorgeous polaroid images for his forthcoming ‘pulp art’ book – they have a definite camp/retro sensibility but also a canny eye for color – not to mention a heavily cinematic, narrative-based approach to composition. i’m particularly taken by his washed out, sun bleached palette and native american vis a vis new age-influenced imagery and composition. (love the inspired use of expired film.) as for subject matter – what better to tackle than the Mythic Woman? [via vain and vapid] [all photos courtesy neil's flickr]

from the slats of the factory come, old dad’s peculiar songs


you were always so wise / reminded me to cross my t’s, and dot my bloodshot eyes.

carved your name across three counties, ground it in with bloody hides.


i have waited with a glacier’s patience
smashed every transformer with every trailer
’til nothing was standing
65 miles wide
still you are nowhere
still you are nowhere
nowhere in sight

come out to meet me
run out to meet me
come in to the light